Bamboo Matcha Green Tea Scoop

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Measure the correct amount of your Matcha every time with our traditional bamboo scoop, or "chashaku." The chashaku is used to scoop powdered matcha tea  to a mixing bowl, and is an essential tool in the traditional Japanese ceremony. It is often paired with the bamboo matcha whisk to whisk the tea.


  • This bamboo matcha scoop is perfect for preparing matcha green tea by the ancient art of the Japanese tea ceremony.
  • The scoop is the authentic way to measure matcha for brewing.
  • Each scoop holds 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of matcha powder, perfect for one to two ounces of tea.
  • It conveys just the right amount of matcha from the tin to the brewing cup.
  • Use this to carefully scoop matcha powder into your bowl, 1-3 heaped scoops, depending on how strong you like it.


1.After the initial use, please clean it by water. Then use dry cloth to dry it off.
2.Store method: Please store this product in cool and dry place, avoid of direct sunlight.
3.Handle it gently to prevent damage caused by the bump.

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