Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Cars

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20% under-inflation reduces tire lifetime by 30%;
30% over-inflation reduces tire lifetime by 45%;
30% pressure lower looks like proper inflated tire
So you need un TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitoring System) to monitor tire dynamic pressure, warn early of abnormal tire pressure improve fuel efficiency,  increase tire life and traffic safety.


CARCHET TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring Intelligent System+4 External Sensors LCD Sucker

1. Monitoring tire dynamic pressure to prevent puncture and runflat.
2. Improve fuel efficiency,  increase tire life and traffic safety and avoid abnormal wear of vehicle parts.
3. Set the central pressure according to the actual situation the pressure value to use a different alarm stages.
4. LCD color screen display pressure or temperature of 4 tires simultaneously, at a glance, and monitor battery voltage showing the amount of control of the car batter.
5.  DIY products with external sensor, quick and easy to install.



 Color: Black
    Monitor: about 75 x 50 x 21mm
    Sensor: diameter about 20mm, high about 17mm
    Pack Size: about 200 x 151 x 57mm
 Product Specifics:
    LCD color screen(size: about 60 x 40mm)
    Gas nozzle diameter: 7mm
    Pressure Units: BAR / PSI
    Temperature unit:  celsius degree
    It can display the pressure or temperature of 4 tires.
    Alarm in two ways: screen and voice, when it alarms, thedisplay is red.
    Temperature and pressure exceeded alarm, emergency air leakage alarm.
    Wireless connection.
    Without the battery and use cigarette lighter to charge it.
 Working temperature:
     Minimum: -20 celsius degree  
     Maximum: +80 celsius degree

Pressure Range: about 0-8Bar  (0-6Bar Is a more conservative value)



Package include: 

1x Ricever
4x Sensors
2 x Wrench
1 x Hexagon nut wrench
4 x Hexagon nut
4 x Rubber ring
1x Cigarette lighters charger
1x Sucker
1x Bracket
1x Stickers
1x English manual
Original box pack(white)







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